Docker-powered Development Environments

Docker-powered Development Environments

Get Up and Running

By default, Dusty runs your apps on autopilot.

Source is updated, dependencies are launched, and ports are forwarded automatically. If you don't need to actively change the code, Dusty gets out of your way.

Develop with Full Control

Turn off the autopilot and develop with ease.

Go ahead, change your code on the fly. Dusty will let you see your changes with one command.

Want to run a test suite against a set of isolated database containers? One command.

Docker OS X

Dusty manages away traditional pain points of using Docker on OS X.

Don't worry about manually messing with port forwarding, VM management, or shared folders again. Dusty takes care of it.

Scales with Your Stack

Easily mix and match parts of your stack. Don't need a particular service right now? Just turn it off.

Since you only run what you need, having a thousand apps defined isn't a problem. Surround yourself with microservices. Dusty has you covered.